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HVAC Home Tips For Atlanta Homeowners

Humidifier Maintenance

Maintaining proper humidity levels (air moisture) in your home is accomplished with a humidifier and is essential for human comfort as well as the protection of wood furniture and wood flooring. According to the Mayo Clinic, proper humidity levels ease skin problems and symptoms associated with breathing problems. They also note, however, that humidifiers can make you sick if they are not properly maintained, or if your home’s humidity level is set too high.

Maintenance Tips:

Change your water panel.  The typical water panel (or evaporator pad, or filter) in the humidifier is constructed of an expanded aluminum honeycombed mesh dipped in a ceramic slip (liquid clay).  The large surface area of the clay material is perfect for absorbing water.  When openings in the water panel become clogged with scale and mineral deposits, they will restrict airflow through the pad and should be replaced.  The life of the water panel evaporator will vary with the hardness of the water, the amount of use, and the application.  Is ins recommended that the water panel be changed at least once every year (twice a year for the Aprilaire model 400).  The water panel with be most efficient when installed with the spot at the top.  Make sure the entire water panel is enclosed in the scale control insert (frame).
Make sure unit is level.  The unit or distribution tray must be level so that water will be evenly distributed over the entire width of the water panel evaporator.  If the full width of the water panel is not wetted, the capacity will be reduced.
Clean the orifice.  The orifice is a metering device that regulates the amount of water flowing through the feed tube to the water distribution tray.  The orifice typically nests into the waterline directly after the solenoid valve.  If the orifice is blocked with scale - gently insert a fine needle through the small opening.  Aprilaire orifices are color-coded and made especially for certain model humidifiers.

Purchase a maintenance kit.  If it has been many years since a humidifier has been maintained - it may be the path of least resistance to replace several of the humidifier parts that are likely to be worn out or covered with scale.  A maintenance kit will often contain water panels, a feed tube assembly (with strainer and orifice), a scale control insert, a water distribution tray and a drain spud.

Lastly - Close the seasonal damper in the summer months. 

There is also the option of maintaining your humidifier when you schedule a routine service for your furnace. This will ensure both systems are clean and in working order going into the cooler months. Give Self Heating & Cooling a call today at        678-909-6377 to schedule your HVAC tune-up and ask about adding in humidifier service. 

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