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About Self Heating & Cooling

You may not know us, but you know some of our customers.

Self Heating & Cooling

» Rapid response and quick comfort.
» When your AC or Heat isn’t working right, call Self Heating & Cooling to restore your comfort.
» From fast repairs to unit replacement, we fix the problem with quick expert service.

You may not know us, but you know some of our customers.

Since 2000 Self Heating & Cooling has installed systems for major retailers and restaurants in the Metro Atlanta area.
Whether it’s freezing cold or blistering hot outside, these Atlanta businesses MUST ensure the comfort of their customers. It’s a constant battle against outdoor elements, requiring special engineering in multiple zones to maintain comfort levels.
Self Heating & Cooling has skillfully installed systems for thirteen years.
Because we keep these high-traffic stores’ customers comfortable all year long, we can do the same for your family.

Fast Service

When you have a system emergency, we’ll respond to your need quickly so you can enjoy a comfortable home.
Self-Assurance Preventive Maintenance Agreement
Scheduled maintenance protects your system from inefficient operation, which can reduce your energy bill up to 30%. Self-Assurance members enjoy PRIORITY service.

Factory Trained Technicians

Our customers require proficiency and training in the professionals they use. Every Self Heating & Cooling technician receives the in-depth training required for their businesses and your home.

Authorized Carrier Dealer

Carrier is our system of choice because of the reliability and durability of their systems. By having Carrier equipment installed in your home, you’re protecting yourself against the breakdowns and expensive energy consumption of cheap systems.

Upfront Pricing

Phone quotes are most often inaccurate. We sell a service not hours, which means you don’t have to worry about how long the job takes or whether you are being charged extra for necessary trips to the supply house (you won’t be), or that you shouldn’t ask questions because that will slow the tech down and increase billable time and what you pay. We feel the customer has a right to know the price before the work is performed.
We use ”Up Front Pricing” meaning the price you are quoted is the price you pay! You will always know the total cost before any work is done. Our customers love this because they can budget to a real number with no surprises. Many Atlanta air conditioning contractors still charge by the hour, which at first may seem less expensive.
The problem of course is you really don’t know what the final price will be, and then you get that big surprise at the end of the job. Also, some home service contractors are fast and some are slow. Why should you be penalized for a slow HVAC technician?
All of our technicians want to do the very best work. Sometimes they want to take a little more time to make sure the job is done right. By using “Up Front Pricing” this is no longer a problem because the price doesn’t change regardless of time. You get better quality work with price certainty.
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About Self HVAC

1700 Cumberland Point Dr
Marietta, GA. 30067
Phone: (678) 909-6377
Fax: (678) 909-6378