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HVAC Home Tips For Atlanta Homeowners

Tips for Lowering the Cooling Costs of Summer

Tips for Lowering the Cooling Costs of Summer

Summer means starting up your home’s air conditioning system. Unfortunately, it can also heat up your utility bills.

Energy tips:

  • Have the system checked by a professional to make sure everything is running at peak efficiency. 
  • Check the level of insulation in your exterior and basement walls, ceilings, attic, floors, and crawl spaces. Check for holes or cracks around windows and doors and for open fireplace dampers. Also, look out for unsealed ducts in your attic, basement, and crawl spaces.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the system’s air return inlet, such as a piece of furniture or a rug. This could decrease the air conditioner’s performance.
  • Look for ways to use natural light to reduce the time your lights are on, and replace your bulbs with the newer, high-efficient light bulbs and lamps.
Call us today, at Self Heating and Cooling, to schedule a HVAC system maintenance, to ensure your system is running efficiently this summer. 
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